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... about KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING, who we are, what we offer, how we operate, and other helpful information for the organization trying to select consultants that are right for them.

How can KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING offer so many varied services?

Our consultants have a combined experience of over 40 years in a multitude of organizations and disciplines - from military trainer, to college instructor, to researcher, to library technical services manager, to school librarian, to library consultant and library director. Consultants have expertise in all of the areas listed under SERVICES, as well as a PhD in training development essential for tailoring programs to fit an organization's specific needs, and an MBA to answer all your business operation issues.

We will design the perfect program to fit your organization!


Isn't Strategic Planning best done by an organization, internally?

In a word - Yes. But, that assumes several factors exist about your organization - from top level leaders to bottom level employees, including stakeholders. First, that everyone fully understands the planning process, and knows their part in it. Second, it assumes that leaders are familiar with a proven strategic planning model, and have all the time and resources to devote to shepherding the process to a successful conclusion. Our expert and experienced consultants have the necessary skills to train and inform all organization members and stakeholders about the details of the planning process, as well as our copyrighted 21st Century Library Strategic Plan Model process. We have the skills to guide your organization through every step to a highly successful conclusion.

We can help you implement your plan to achieve your vision!


Why do I need a consultant to help my organization improve?

It is not uncommon for Boards and higher headquarters to think an organization should be able to improve without outside help. But consider the answers to the first two questions above. You'll notice that our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of study, research, work and experience - knowledge, skills and expertise that most organizations do not have among their staff - which means we will provide information, training, guidance and solutions. Legendary oil well fire fighter Red Adair has been quoted as saying, "If you think it's expensive to hire an expert, try hiring an amature to put out your fires."  Oil well fires cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars every day they burn out of control.  How much would it cost your organization in time and resources to attempt organizational change without expertise in the areas that your organization needs to become the best possible organization you envision?

KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING is synonymous with 21st Century solutions!


How do we get started employing KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING?

We're glad you asked. We're ready to discuss your organization's specific needs in whetever area you are interested. Fill out the "CONTACT US" section with some basic information about what you need, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The more information you can provide briefly, such as type of organization (or the URL to your website) and size (number of staff and locations), mission, type of services, and your tentative goals, the sooner we can get back to you with some recommendations. We'll have an interview, talk time and money, and then go from there.

We will meet your needs - GUARANTEED!


How can you guarantee to give my organization solutions and results?

Because we won't take your money unless we come to an agreement about what you want and what we will provide. You will be satisfied - before we ever accept a dime of your money - that we can provide the solutions and results you decide upon before we waste your time and ours offering you some vague rhetoric about this or that outcome. When you decide what you want, we will agree to make it happen based on our expertise, or we will refer you to a more compatible consultant for your needs. We not only guarantee your satisfaction, but we will strive to far exceed your expectations.  

Your success is our success.


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