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KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING offers a wide range of services for the progressive organization seeking to become more. Through highly personalized consulting assessment and advice, inspiring and interactive workshops and seminars, and cutting-edge, entertaining and inspiring presentations, we help you achieve the vision of what you want your organization to become.


With over 40 years combined experience in all types of libraries and business organizations and levels of responsibility, KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING has the expertise and knowledge to advise your organization in virtually all areas of operation. From leadership, management, operations and finance to team building, visioning, strategic planning and strategic thinking, KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING can provide answers and help you develop solutions for your specific organizational needs. 

Knowledge areas include management, processes, marketing, organizational development, small group facilitation, mentoring, technical services, customer service, and many more areas or expertise. We can help with virtually any special need your organization may have.



Workshops are interactive events that engage you and your employees in addressing issues and challenges within your organization in order to develop solutions. These events can be for half or full day or a full week, depending on what issues and challenges your organization is facing.

Whether it is ineffective relationships, the organization's morale, processes that aren't working, unsupportive teams, or lack of a clear understanding of the future, KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING will assess your needs, adjust the workshop objectives to match, and present a dynamic experience during which every member of the organization will gain valuable insights and new attitudes. Workshops offer participatory activities that are results oriented to achieve maximum effect in the minimum time to fit your needs. 



KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING seminars bring together diverse groups for meaningful and productive discussions focused on special topics of interest to your organization. These participatory events use the classic Socratic dialogue but tailored for the 21st Century audience lead by experts in the field. Seminars are for more advanced professionals who desire a structured approach to addressing important issues for the organization or profession.

The objective of seminars is to address issues and challenges of the organization or profession and facilitate discussion and problem solving to develop answers and approaches to these urgent questions. KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING provides the forum to enable group interaction with real-world examples of the practical problems your organization faces.



KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING brings over 40 years of combined experience to address a wide range of topics for group presentations. Regardless of the size of group, whether 50 or 500, presentations are informative and inspiring. Tailored to fit the needs of your group, organization or association, presentations will provide new information, important facts and research, as well as cutting-edge theory on the topic.

To prevent "talking head" sedation of the audience, KD MATTHEWS CONSULTING presents through audience participation and input to the subject to engage and inspire. Making the presentation personal to every attendee enables each person to take away valuable new information and become infused with new enthusiasm to apply what they learned.

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